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Booking Monty Harper FAQ

Where has Monty performed before / can you provide references?

Monty has been performing since 1992 and has visited hundreds of schools, libraries, theaters, and festivals throughout Oklahoma and neighboring states. We can provide references on request, or you can view quotes from recent clients on our recommendations page.

How do I book a show?

You can get the process started by filling in our Inquiry Form. Monty or Lisa will get back to you soon with any information you requested or questions we might have.

Or just give us a call! We're friendly people and we'll be glad to hear from you: (405) 624-3805.

We're happy to hold a date for you while you check with your organization about scheduling and funding.

Once we've agreed on a date, time, location, fee, and any other important details, we'll send you a contract.

Can Monty travel to my town?

Monty performs often throughout Oklahoma and in neighboring states. His basic performance fees cover a small amount of travel, including to the OKC and Tulsa areas. The cost of travel is very reasonable up to a four or five hour drive from Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Monty often travels further. It can't hurt to ask! We try to keep his far-flung travels organized into tours. Please check the schedule to see if we are already travelling in your area.

Does Monty perform year-round?

Yes. June and July are Monty's busiest months with summer reading programs in the libraries, but he is definitely available any time of year for schools, libraries, museums, and other venues.

How far in advance should I reserve a date?

We've held dates anywhere from a couple of years in advance to a week before the show. Of course it's best to reserve a date as soon as you can.

Summer dates become scarce by late February or early March.

If you are interested in booking Monty for a songwriting residency at your school, please do plan at least six to twelve months ahead.

By the way, reserving a date does not obligate you to book the show. It just means that if anyone else calls about that date, we'll get back to you first. Once you confirm the date with us, then we'll send a contract to make it official.

What are Monty's technical requirements?

Monty comes pretty much self-contained. He provides his own microphones and sound system, a BOSE personal amplification system, which sounds great! All he really needs for most performances is one standard electrical outlet.

For the "Say It in a Song" program, any songwriting workshop or residency, and the "Songs from the Science Frontier" program, Monty will ask you to provide a digital projector and screen.

Will the Oklahoma Arts Council provide funding for your programs?

If you are an Oklahoma public school, library, or any other non-profit, non-religious entity, and you book me for a performance that is open to the public, you are eligible for funding through the OAC grant programs.

Small Grant Support for Schools can pay up to 90% of the fee if a teaching component (workshop or residency) is included with Monty's school visit.

Monty's "Say It in a Song" program was developed through the OAC's new Performing Arts Corps program. The OAC covers travel and most of the fee. Schools are asked to pay only $125 for an assembly program and workshop! The application process for this grant is very quick and easy.

We do our best to keep this page updated, but OAC grant programs change fairly often. For current information on OAC grants, visit the Oklahoma Arts Council Website.

What are your fees?

Please fill out our Inquiry Form to receive a complete and accurate quote by email.

Do you require a deposit?

For any of Monty's regular school or library programs we don't need a deposit. However we may ask for one in a novel situation.

I'm on a limited budget. Is there anything I can do to bring your fee down?

Let us know that you are interested and what you can afford and we'll see what we can do. Sometimes we offer lower fees in order to fill gaps in the calendar. Sometimes we lower a fee in exchange for help getting additional bookings in the area. We've even been known to barter on occassion.